"The MFSA tool is very useful and can help LGs assess their financial performance and look for additional financing. On the other hand, it is a huge responsibility to translate the budget into strategies that will drive LG's development", Reisa Duraj, Head of Finance and Treasure Relations Sector of the Shkoder Municipality, Albania.

"The Anti-corruption Strategic Planning, as part of the World Bank Urban Partnership Program, helped my municipality better understand the importance of having a proactive approach in integrity building on local level; it helped us understand how we can improve our internal system of organization, communication and cooperation, so as to make our municipality more accountable, transparent and citizen oriented",
said Mr. Emil Doncev, Mayor of Vinica.

“This capacity building program will enhance knowledge and skills of local governments, particularly of medium and large cities”

“On February 26, 2013 the Municipal Council of Kucova approved the anticorruption strategy with a majority of votes. It was one of the rare cases where the members of the council from all political parties (including the opposition) voted pro the same strategy.”
Klodi Tavani Kosta, director of programs, Partners Albania

“The Social Accountability Initiative came at exactly the right time, as this issue was not yet being discussed in the Municipality of Prishtina.”
Participant from Prishtina, Kosovo

Regional Conferences

December 17-18, 2012

Regional Conference „Cities without Corruption, Cities with Future” held on December 17-18, 2012 in Zagreb was organized as part of the World Bank-Austria Urban Partnership Program for South-East Europe.  The conference successfully concluded the 1st phase of the urban governance/anti-corruption capacity building. The conference was attended by 65 delegates from South East Europe including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia. The audience included over 20 Mayors from SEE, Vice Mayors, Chiefs of Cabinets, Council Members, Local Government Associations (LGAs), as well as and NGO/CSO representatives.

Conference Participants had an opportunity to meet and learn from the Mayors/public managers from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia whose cities received the Program’s capacity support in 2012 in applying the participatory anti-corruption methodology as part of the broader agenda of improving urban governance/ modernization of local governments.  The anti-corruption practitioners together with the beneficiary municipalities shared information about their experiences and lessons learned from applying the methodology, and presented their Strategic Anti-Corruption Plans as a result of eight months-long participatory process carried out in their municipalities. They also had an opportunity to learn from other Mayors, LGAs and NGOs about other innovative tools of governance used in the SEE region and beyond.  At the same time, participants discussed the future steps needed to scale up the use of this anti corruption methodology by more local governments in SEE.  On this occasion, participants also had a chance to meet Ronald MacLean Abaroa, former Mayor of La Paz, and learn from his successful experience which inspired replication of this approach in other cities.

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