Sustainable Urban Land Use Planning

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April 2, 2014
 This course provides participants with a functional and integrated understanding of the dynamics of urban land use and demonstrates how to effectively utilize policies and planning instruments to manage urban growth and achieve sustainable, equitable and efficient development outcomes.The course is prepared as an e-learning initiative, with tutor-guided 
discussions, exercises on strategies, programs and action plans, and  self-administered tests. These elements are built into each module, which will  also enable participants to share their findings with each other and receive  feedback in order to build strong peer networks and a community of practice. The  course features a library of case studies that illustrates good practices in  sustainable land use planning from around the world. In addition, links are  provided to other relevant WBI e-learning products, including courses on slum  upgrading, street addressing, safe and resilient cities, and cities and climate  change.

For more information about the course please see e-institute web site:
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"The MFSA tool is very useful and can help LGs assess their financial performance and look for additional financing. On the other hand, it is a huge responsibility to translate the budget into strategies that will drive LG's development",
Reisa Duraj, Head of Finance and Treasure Relations Sector of the Shkoder Municipality, Albania

"This capacity building program will enhance knowledge and skills of local governments, particularly of medium and large cities."

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E-learning offered through WB e-Institute (Open Learning Campus) and NALAS e-Academy

UPP’s three-tier approach to knowledge, learning and innovation includes providing dynamic learning and capacity building opportunities in form of an E-learning curriculum delivered under the World Bank e-Institute - Open Learning Campus. E-learning is offered twice a year to local government officials and urban practitioners from SEE and is facilitated by local experts. Upon successful finalization, participants received a certificate of completion. For the moment the courses are offered in English but we are working towards translation and customizing of the courses to some of the SEE local languages, to be offered through the NALAS e-Academy. 

As a part of UPP and NALAS collaboration NALAS e-Academy already offers following courses in Albanian and Macedonian languages: Sustainable Urban Land Use Planning, Tools for Rapid Assessment of City Energy (TRACE), Street Addressing and Management of the City.

Courses offered through OLC World Bank